Dr. Jose Nazario said it aptly, “Every company is a digital company.” He continues, “…from the biggest tech companies to the neighborhood corner store. A large ecosystem of partners and suppliers enables those companies to provide the services they do. And then there’s the customer, who is seeing more and more of their life become digital.”

“Most people understand that in order for digital services to work properly or stay free they may need to allow the services to track some of their data. For example, maps have limited appeal when location tracking is disabled. There’s a trade-off between convenience and privacy with which most people are comfortable. That negotiation occurs between the consumer and the online site or service.”

Some other interesting items:
– “FCC is cracking down on ISPs for selling user data without consent”
– “Companies should insist that the third-party services with which they work follow consumer-centric privacy practices”
– “More than 90 percent of adults agree that consumers have lost control of how their data is collected and shared online by companies, according to Pew research”
– “There aren’t many laws in place governing which data can be collected or sold by companies or how long data can be retained”