Try this on for size…

In an enormous grocery store in northern France, the lights above the aisles aren’t all they seem to be. They look ordinary—more than a mile and a half of fixtures exuding bright light, folded into a grid overhead—but they’re actually flickering faster than the human eye can see. The unique patterns each individual section of lighting emits are a 21st-century twist on Morse code, meant not for people, but for the cameras on their phones.

I’d say that is interesting and a bit scary. It is similar in basic approach to the Amazon Go Grocery Store (Amazon Go Debuts as a New Grocery Store Without Checkout Lines). The premise is that you have to grant access to the store app and in turn the app uses your phone to help you find what is on your shopping list, crowded areas to avoid in the store, and which check out line to get into.

It also provides the retailer with a TREMENDOUS amount of information about you. In turn, the retailer can send you coupons, announcements, in-store coupons, follow up notes — all personalized — all based on your previous experiential shopping trips.

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