Gary Hayslip, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the City of San Diego (eighth largest city in the U.S.), is a bit tired of all the pitches that consistently miss the mark. Why? Because of 10 big reasons he outlines in his “10 Rules for Vendors.”

If you want to read the details, visit his CISO Manifesto here.

1. Don’t pitch your competition
2. Don’t tell me you solve 100% of ANY problem
3. Don’t make me specialize to use your tool
4. Don’t bring me overcomplicated solutions
5. Don’t try to shortcut my procurement cycle
6. Do be a partner to me
7. Do give me three unique value propositions for using your technology
8. Do know what problem you are trying to solve
9. Do automate, it is the future
10. Do bring platforms, not individual tools