A site filled with great security-related information is Krebs on Security.  A recent article, Before You Pay that Ransomware Demand, has some very helpful information and links with “basic advice about where to go, what to do — and what not to do — when you or someone you know gets hit with ransomware.”

5 Highlights:

  1. Paying up is certainly not the cheapest option. The average ransom demanded is approximately $722, according to an analysis published in September by Trend Micro.
  2. Paying up means a crash course in acquiring the virtual currency known as Bitcoin.
  3. irst place victims should look to find out is nomoreransom.org
  4. Another destination that may be useful for ransomware victims is bleepingcomputer.com
  5. Regularly backup your data, and make sure the backups are not connected to the computers and networks they are backing up.