At a recent celebration at the University of Washington in honor of its 10th anniversary for the Department of Health, Melinda Gates said some powerful things. Here are a few.

“When you start to see how biology is coming together with computer science; how computer science and mathematical modeling are coming together with diseases; how we’re taking global health and looking at our local population… the amount of data that we’re finally getting and combing through is making us so much more knowledgeable about where the problems are. Not just the problems at a scale level, but the problems at a community level and how to actually intervene.”

“When I think about science, I don’t just think about the hardcore numbers in science, it’s also the social science piece of it. These two have to marry. Because you can have the best piece of technology in the world — you can have the best malaria vaccine or pill … and if you can’t get someone to accept why they should take it or to take it consistently, the best science can sit on the shelf and go absolutely nowhere.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other organizations are working tirelessly to eradicate the many negative health issues around the world. Let’s hope they are able to continuously innovate based in part, to the collection and analysis of data.

Photograph Source:  University of Washington