D.A.R. Partners Announces Federal Partnership with MT Newswires

MT Newswires, a leading source of original, forward-looking business and financial global news, announced its new partnership with D.A.R. Partners, a “One-Stop Shop” for specialized financial, trade, and economic information services …
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One-third of US Companies Breached Last Year, Consumers Pay the Price

‘We are in the digital fight of our lives,’ says a cybersecurity expert. Last year, 34 percent of US-based companies experienced some type of online security breach, according to a report from Bitdefender. Even more alarming – two-thirds of companies surveyed said they would pay an average of $124,000 to keep the hack private, leaving unsuspecting customers in …
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Why Big Data Can Mean Big Gains for Progressive Traders

For decades, stock traders and other investors have been on the cutting edge of technology. They’re always looking for the slightest advantage that will allow them to be successful. And in recent years, the savviest traders have been relying on big data. Analysis has always played a significant role in the evaluation of stocks, bonds, and options. Specifically …
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Blockchain can Solve Several Media Industry Problems

The unsurpassed reach of the Internet and the emergence of a range of new digital technologies have transformed virtually every corner of the music industry. These market disruptions are presenting a range of important challenges. After a year long study, the Berklee Institute found “anywhere from 20-50 percent of music payments don’t make it to their rightful owners.” …
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Your Echo Is Listening, Which Could Someday Lead to an Invasion of Your Privacy

In November 2015 James Bates invited some friends over to watch a football game at his house. The next morning one of them was found dead in Bates’s hot tub. In their investigation, the police discovered something intriguing. Bates had an Amazon Echo, the popular device that’s always listening for voice commands and questions. The police served Amazon with a search warrant …
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Quote of the Week

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”
~ Edward Teller (Physicist)