Twitter Users, Do You Know Who’s Spying on Your Web-Surfing Habits?

If you weren’t already worried about the privacy dangers of online ad tracking, now would be a good time to start. Researchers have found a way to de-anonymise web surfing records, putting a recent US privacy ruling in jeopardy. what if you could deduce a person’s identity by matching their anonymous web surfing with their social media timeline? What if, instead of …
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Wanted:  Smart Humans

It is seductive to imagine downloading open source AI software and training it to do your bidding. The reality is that AI is still heavily-reliant upon smart, willing and trained humans in order for AI to behave in a manner that we would expect. Humans are needed to scope the problems, identify relevant examples and verify the results. Without humans as a guide, current AI is no more capable than a computer without software …
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Cash is No Longer King

The idea of a cashless society is one of the topics that stirs up a heated debate when it comes to the digitalization of banking and society. On one hand, physical cash is the common denominator for corruption, tax evasion, money laundering and other various illegal activities. In the U.S., where cash accounts for one-third of all purchases, the use of cash is declining. But …
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Ransomware “Customer Support” Chat Reveals Criminals’ Ruthlessness

Finnish security vendor F-Secure yesterday released 34 pages of transcripts from the group chat used by the crafters of the Spora ransomware family. The back-and-forth not only put a spotlight on the gang’s customer support chops, but, said a company security advisor, illustrated the intertwining of Bitcoin and extortion malware …
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How Big Data is Becoming Smaller Than Small Data

If you’ve been struggling to get useful results from big data, you’re not alone. The buzz has been that any company not doing analytics is behind the times. But big data even has been a challenge in itself. Perhaps small data is the answer. Small data, by contrast, is a more specialized data set. It’s more specific in order to …
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Quote of the Week

“Cybersecurity is critical to protecting our Nation’s infrastructure.”
~ George Foresman, Homeland Security Undersecretary