Author Jeff Man shares his experiences with a look back to his early days at IBM. Here are a few interesting passages from his article:

“When I first learned that I would be attending IBM InterConnect to provide feedback on IBM’s efforts related to cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Watson, I started to reflect on how much IBM has already influenced the IT and security industries during the span of my career.”

Five days is not enough time to do justice to even one of these topics, yet alone all three. InterConnect is offering over 2,000 sessions that include keynotes, discussions, breakout sessions, labs, hands-on training and innovation talks that are sure to “highlight some of IBM’s most valuable tools for managing and securing cloud and IoT infrastructure.”

“Sadly, at least for now, there is still a significant gap between the science fiction version of artificial intelligence and the reality. We recently had a good discussion about artificial intelligence on “Paul’s Security Weekly,” where we discussed the capabilities of machine learning, the direction of current research and some of the biggest challenges in designing smarter, self-learning machines.”

IBM has certainly left a huge footprint on the technology landscape and wants to keep it going. With all this in mind, I look forward to soaking up as much information and knowledge as I can at InterConnect.