Phony VPN Services Are Cashing in on America’s War on Privacy

Don’t look now, but online scammers are already hard at work taking advantage of newly signed legislation that allows Internet Service Providers to sell your online privacy, including your web browser history, to the highest bidder without your consent. That online scammers are now attempting to piggyback on the confusion caused by the recent …
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New To Analyzing Big Data? 3 Tips For Efficient Data Analysis

As a business owner, you want to save as much time, money, and energy as humanly possible by streamlining your entire business from top to bottom. The more resources you can conserve, the more you can invest in your marketing efforts. While you’re streamlining the everyday aspects of running your business, hopefully, you’re not forgetting to streamline your data …
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Fintech Growth Poised to Disrupt Banking Industry

The level of FinTech adoption among digitally active consumers is set to grow significantly in the next year. This will require traditional financial services companies to revisit their product development, distribution, communication and innovation strategies to compete effectively with the new market entrants, according to EY’s first Fintech Adoption Index …
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How to Manage the Computer-Security Threat

Computer security is a contradiction in terms. Consider the past year alone: cyberthieves stole $81m from the central bank of Bangladesh; the $4.8bn takeover of Yahoo, an internet firm, by Verizon, a telecoms firm, was nearly derailed by two enormous data breaches; and Russian hackers interfered in the American presidential election …
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How P&G and American Express Are Approaching AI

For firms that have been producing results with big data analytics, machine learning isn’t too much of a stretch. American Express and Procter & Gamble are combining well-established practices with  cognitive technology to achieve business success. Both firms are actively undertaking cognitive technology initiatives …
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“We want our money safer than our selfies”
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