Defend Your High Value Data and Information Systems from Cyber-attacks and Insider Threats

Cybersecurity Service Offering

Defend Your High Value Data and Information Systems

We help businesses, large and small, defend their high value data and information systems from cyber-attacks and insider threats. Our approach is based on three pillars:

  1. Solutions.  Systematically protect your resources
  2. Tools.  Detect and remove threats
  3. Experts.  Access to cybersecurity experts from around the world via our Expert Network
Benefits to You
  1. Services customized to your business goals and budget
  2. Proven cybersecurity software, hardware, and team capabilities
  3. Manage “smartly,” the threats and risks to your business
  1. Start SmartTM.”  Learn how to prepare, assess, and defend your business. This 3 to 6-month program ensures your business complies with best practices while it reduces significantly your vulnerability to attack.
  2. Always VigilantTM.”  Learn to stay compliant with Federal security standards and regulations. Implement and maintain systems to support rapid decision making and response to security vulnerabilities and attacks. This 9 to 18-month program provides hands-on coaching and guided workshops.
  3. Cybersecurity DefenderTM.“  Create added protection with additional CISO and Security Team expertise. This is an excellent option if you have a functioning cyber plan in place and you are seeking outsourcing support. Defender provides the same quality experience you demand at a fraction of the cost of a full-time team.

Past Performance Success Story

“Contained Cybersecurity Attack in 24 hours, Remediation in Just 48 hours”

Situation:  A large communications infrastructure equipment manufacturer discovered an attack by a new strain of virulent malware. It needed additional support to remove the malware and needed strategic assistance in preventing future attacks.

Solution:  D.A.R. Partners coordinated a very quick, multi-pronged response within its Global Capabilities Portfolio to immediately stop the attack. Then we conducted a thorough analysis of the manufacturer’s network.

Results:  Working with a network with over 5,000 endpoints, our cybersecurity experts contained the attack within 24 hours of being contacted. The team solved the persistent malware issues within 36 hours, began remediation within 48 hours and further hardened the network within 72 hours after the attack.  A comprehensive action plan was completed within two weeks of notification and the plan is still in place today.