Accelerate Your Mission Success

with D.A.R. Partners as Your Technology Scout and Sourcing Partner

Your Technology Scout and Sourcing Partner

D.A.R. Partners, a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), was founded by two retired Army veterans, Robert Martinez and Peter Curry, who readily understand the ins and outs of working with Federal agencies. They founded D.A.R. around two service pillars:

  1. To be your “one-stop shop” for market research, contracting, and program/customer support for specialized financial, trade and economic information services.
  2. To support you in the acquisition of cybersecurity, data management, and data analytics.

D.A.R. Partners is the Team to Help You:

  • Reduce Market Research TimeSupport market intelligence for difficult to find software and data sources
  • Accelerate Mission Success.  Provide a portfolio of sourcing options to complement your current and future activities
  • Mitigate Your Risks.  Ensure our suppliers adhere to over 20 areas of compliance
  • Contract Access.  Work with you to ensure the best contract vehicle is available to support your acquisition strategy

Reduce Market Research Time

Active in both the Federal and commercial market spaces, we serve as a source of market intelligence every day. Program managers and acquisition professionals rely on us as innovation scouts and sourcing partners for unique, emerging and niche-specific information services, software, and technologies. Our Acceleration FrameworkTM  provides you with more pre-acquisition information while remaining competitively priced.

Accelerate Mission Success

We help you research, source and manage the delivery and provisioning of specialized data sources and software. We provide a portfolio of options to meet your mission and goals. Understanding both data and the Federal mission, we help bridge the potential gaps between a new supplier and the unique requirements of your agency or department.

Mitigate Your Risks

One of your biggest risks is to work with a vendor that does not appreciate the unique challenges associated with the Federal government. Agency reputation, political impacts on programs, and the moral and fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers are just a few of the unique challenges that must be considered by a Federal vendor. Cutting compliance corners is not an option. D.A.R. Partners ensures our suppliers meet rigorous quality standards as we vet all potential suppliers in more than 20 areas of compliance.

Easy to Contract with

While each Agency is different, contracting officers have the same challenge. You need to find a good way to contract new capabilities as efficiently as possible. D.A.R. Partners is constantly expanding ways for you to “get to” these innovative capabilities. One example for data provisioning is the FEDLINK contract.

As a prime contractor on the Library of Congress’ FEDLINK contract (LC14C7103), we provide one of the most widely accessible contracts in the Federal government for information services.  It has acquisition-friendly options as well (Click for PDF with information about FEDLINK).

Past Performance Success Story

“Census Bureau has a Trusted Data Provider for their Complex Research Tasks”

Situation:  The Census Bureau has an ongoing need to validate its proprietary data accuracy that is critical to many Federal programs.  Census must also collect data in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Solution:  D.A.R. Partners works with Census to use commercial data to increase efficiency of their research efforts. The use of commercial data helps programs improve data accuracy of ongoing data analysis and provides realistic context for future planning.

Results:  With D.A.R. Partners, U.S. Census Bureau has an experienced, small business partner that improves data acquisition while reducing time and costs. For one major project, D.A.R. Partners was able to source critical data and save at least 25% on  data acquisition costs over legacy data contracts.

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business