‘Accidental hero’ halts ransomware attack and warns:  This is not over

The “accidental hero” who halted the global spread of an unprecedented ransomware attack by registering a garbled domain name hidden in the malware has warned the attack could be rebooted. The ransomware used in Friday’s attack wreaked havoc on organizations. But the spread of the attack was brought to a sudden halt when one UK cybersecurity researcher …
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25 Examples of A.I. That Will Seem Normal in 2027

In the last ten years, artificial intelligence has changed the world in subtle but sweeping ways, but it’s got nothing on the coming decade, if you look at what’s being developed today. Voice recognition on every smartphone were simple proofs of concept. Over the next 10 years, artificial intelligence will make more progress than …
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Why Bitcoin’s Price Has Been Surging and Where It Could Go From Here

Bitcoin has shown amazing, and fairly steady, growth over the last year. A single bitcoin was worth just $455 in May 2016. And even after retrenching slightly from a record Thursday high of over $1,800 per token, it has shown a stunning 286% annual return, based on prices from CoinMarketCap. As with most assets, explaining bitcoin …
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Twenty years on from Deep Blue vs Kasparov: How a Chess Match Started the Big Data Revolution

Technology has many societal impacts, but perhaps one of its most visibly evident is how the tools we use change how we communicate with each other — so, literally, how technology rewrites language itself. We see this in the willing stockpiling of techie jargon into individual vocabularies. Let’s pause for a moment, and take linguistic stock …
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Artificial intelligence tool fixes password weakness

Flaws in passwords can be eliminated with artificial intelligence (AI), say researchers. This includes identifying common words that hackers know, too. The mending is accomplished with AI-garnered analysis of existing insecure passwords, coupled with feedback to the user based on that. It makes password creation more …
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Quote of the Week

“There should be order if the development of the cyber world is to be sustainable.”
~ Ma Huateng, Chief Executive Officer of Tencent