Hackers Hide Cyberattacks in Social Media Posts

It took only one attempt for Russian hackers to make their way into the computer of a Pentagon official. But the attack didn’t come through an email or a file buried within a seemingly innocuous document. A link, attached to a Twitter post put out by a robot account, promised a family-friendly vacation package for the summer …
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How chatbots can settle an insurance claim in 3 seconds

At Amazon’s prototype grocery store, Amazon Go, customers can walk in, pick up anything, and walk out without ever waiting in a checkout line or pulling out a wallet. These are the kinds of no-hassle experiences that consumers have come to expect — and artificial intelligence (AI) is powering many of them. Unlike Amazon, insurance companies have fewer opportunities …
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What Challenges Are Fintech Startups Facing Today

In an industry which is known to be slow to adapt to current digital trends, it feels like financial technology or more commonly known as fintech, is experiencing a renaissance lately. FinTech startups are emerging from around the world. Technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are being used to build products that improve the customer …
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Chipotle: Hackers Dined Out On Most Restaurants

Restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill says customers’ payment card data was stolen by hackers via malware installed at the vast majority of its more than 2,000 restaurant locations. Chipotle first disclosed April 25 that it was investing a potential data breach involving card data. On Friday, Chipotle said it’s completed its investigation …
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Can Machines Make Better Decisions than Humans?

Big Data is already old news (i.e. its growth, its dynamism, and the rapid proliferation of its sources). Even the consequences and challenges of the Big Data explosion are now familiar and essentially solved (i.e. gathering, managing, storing, and processing). We have the tools to do these things at scale and with great efficiency, mostly by leveraging cloud computing and storage …
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Quote of the Week

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
~ Steve Jobs (Apple Co-Founder)