Tongue and cheek… Just like the television show, “Weakest Link,” I’ve have been saying people are the “weakest link” for years. That’s why human engineering or social engineering is cyber criminal’s best friend. Today’s technology is really, really good. As such the bad guys are always going to pursue the easiest path possible. That means you!

People are always going to be trusting… especially when they see emails that look and feel just like something they already receive today.

The days of free money from a troubled executive from a foreign country are nearly over. Now, we have sophisticated telephone dialers, criminals posing as friendly technology customer service, and mass fake emails that look like the real thing. They are all designed for one purpose — interacting with humans — interacting with you.

If you haven’t read any articles with notes and headlines like these, you will and you will see more…

It took only one attempt for Russian hackers to get into the computer of a Pentagon official.

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