The Girl Scouts are adding a cybersecurity badge

Alongside cooking and camping, Girl Scouts will soon be able to earn a cybersecurity badge. The organization announced this week the first of 18 new badges debuting in the fall of 2018. The Girl Scouts, founded in 1912, have long received badges when they mastered certain topics or skills. The cybersecurity badge will launch in partnership with …
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Big Data Analytics In Healthcare Market – Research And Markets

Big data refers to the tools, processes and procedures allowing an organization to create, change, store and manage very large data sets and storage facilities. Big data in the healthcare industry is a very crucial aspect and accounts for nearly 7% market share with respect to value. Big data analytics in the healthcare industry, in the near future, is anticipated to …
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Debunking the ‘Fintech is Failing’ Nonsense

A recent Forbes article, written by the founder of a fintech startup, listed three reasons why fintech is supposedly failing: strategic contradiction between tech and finance, market realities encourage short-term thinking, incumbents in the market are powerful and resistant to change. If fintech is failing, these aren’t the reasons …
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How Big Data Will Take The Role of the CIO to the Next Level

Becoming a data-driven organisation is not an easy task and many C-level executives struggle with it, as developing a Big Data strategy is not only about the required IT; it is more about having the right people and culture in place. The right IT environment is required to perform the analysis, but in the end, Big Data is a people’s question …
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Artificial intelligence and privacy engineering: Why it matters

As artificial intelligence proliferates, companies and governments are aggregating enormous data sets to feed their AI initiatives Although privacy is not a new concept in computing, the growth of aggregated data magnifies privacy challenges and leads to extreme ethical risks such as unintentionally building biased AI systems, among many others …
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Quote of the Week

“Data helps solve problems”
~ Anne Wojcicki, American Entrepreneur, Co-founder/CEO of 23andMe