Bankers Are Hiring Cyber-Security Experts to Help Get Deals Done

Executives and investors are hiring an unlikely crowd to help them do deals: computer geeks. Companies and investment funds are adding an extra layer of scrutiny to acquisitions by screening targets for cybersecurity risks, as global computer attacks raise awareness. That’s prompting offers specifically tailored to takeovers by a variety of players, from …
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The information age is over, welcome to the machine learning age

You could say the information age started in 1965 when Gordon Moore invented Moore’s Law (a prediction about how transistors would double every year, later changed to every 18 months). It was all about computing power escalation, and he was right about the coming revolution. Some would argue the information age started long before then …
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Cash is falling out of fashion – will it disappear forever?

On June 27, the ATM turned 50. Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker once described it as the “only useful innovation in banking.” But today, the cash that ATMs dispense may be on the endangered list. Cash is being displaced in so many ways that it’s hard to keep track. It’s reasonable to expect cash to follow the path of other goods that have been replaced …
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Investment in cyber security to soar as hackers target vehicles

Vehicle manufacturers are raising the amount of money they spend on cyber security after hackers, and a recent ransomware attack, revealed their vulnerability. Software spend will increase from $37.95 billion (£30bn) in 2015 to $80bn (£63bn) in 2020, reaching $168.8bn (£133.3bn) by 2025, while investment in car cyber security is expected to grow by almost …
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Companies use AI to Find Human Employees to Work with Artificial Intelligence

Lately, it seems that more and more jobs that used to be performed by humans are being taken over by one form or another of artificial intelligence, or AI. But, despite all jokes made to the contrary, there is still a need for real actual human beings, say experts. You just need to have what is required to work with a machine that thinks. Machines augmented with AI …
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Quote of the Week

“It’s official: Cyber Terror is the new yellow cake uranium”
~ Kevin Poulsen, former hacker and current editor at Wired