African Financial and Economic Data

Access +26.5 million data records for +50,000 economic and financial data indicators from 54 countries.  Data is collected from both local, regional and global resources, present and historical, all in one place.

AFED gathers all the data, translates documents where necessary and more importantly puts everything together in a standardized format to provide researchers with direct access to the data they need.

The data is reported as published by the source and categorized into 13 main groups to enable quick

and easy access to specific data points:

  • National Accounts
  • Government Finance
  • Money & Banking
  • Inflation, Prices & Wages
  • Balance of Payments & Trade
  • Total Debt: Domestic & External
  • Business & Industry
  • Resources & Energy
  • Employment, Income & Poverty
  • Politics, Government & Society
  • Population & Health
  • Education
  • Geography & Environment

The information can be used for Research and Analytics

  • Thought Leadership and Opinion
  • Risk Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Collaborative and Outreach Projects
  • Strategy and Capability Building
  • Fund Management
  • M&A Activity
  • Commercial Investments

Delivery:  Online Analytics Platform, API or Datafeed.  There are three datafeed packages that are updated daily and available:  Data Hub, Country Profile or Sector Focus

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