Defend Your High Value Data and Information Systems from Cyber-attacks and Insider Threats

Cybersecurity Service Offering

Are You Secure or Are You Compliant?

We firmly believe security comes first. Compliance ALWAYS comes second. The threat actors don’t wait for new legislation. They don’t wait for patches and upgrades. They don’t wait for anything.

What is Compliance Worth to You?

Our Security Teams defend your high value data and information systems from cyber attacks and insider threats. They help you select and implement methods and techniques to prevent your assets from compromise. They are both your strategic advisors and your hands-on experts, addressing technical problems as they arise, freeing your teams to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Customized Services

Our flagship service, Cybersecurity DefenderTM includes over 25 systems, process, and people services including:  Security Operations; Risk assessment; Security test and evaluation; Systems network; Hardening; Incident response; and Disaster recovery.

Can You Answer “Yes?”

Cybersecurity is top on everyone’s mind. Every day, the threat actors become smarter and more sophisticated.

And year after year, the number one target is still your employees… through human engineering. Our services and solutions are designed around both your systems and your teams.

We ensure you can answer questions like these with an unequivocal “YES.”

  • Have you terminated all accounts and all access for your former employees?
  • Do you know if any of your intellectual property (IP) has been leaked?
  • If you were affected by ransomware today, would your backups be protected?

Together, we prioritize your most important sources of data and secure these sources and potential vulnerabilities. We continue this process, eventually transitioning to the Cybersecurity DefenderTM solution, ensuring your people and systems are continually protected.

We help businesses, large and small, defend their high value data and information systems from cyber-attacks and insider threats.

Past Performance Success Story

“Contained Cybersecurity Attack in 24 hours, Remediation in Just 48 hours”


A large communications infrastructure equipment manufacturer discovered an attack by a new strain of virulent malware. It needed additional support to remove the malware and needed strategic assistance in preventing future attacks.


D.A.R. Partners coordinated a very quick, multi-pronged response within its Global Capabilities Portfolio to immediately stop the attack. Then we conducted a thorough analysis of the manufacturer’s network.


Working with a network with over 5,000 endpoints, our cybersecurity experts contained the attack within 24 hours of being contacted. The team solved the persistent malware issues within 36 hours, began remediation within 48 hours and further hardened the network within 72 hours after the attack.  A comprehensive action plan was completed within two weeks of notification and the plan is still in place today.


Example Customers

Due to confidentiality, all organization names have been withheld. Contact us and we can talk more specifically about the services provided and the results achieved.

  • Fortune 50 equipment manufacturer
  • Investment firm managing over $1Bn
  • Several Intelligence Community Agencies
  • Federal Agency, Civil