Streamline the Sourcing of
Specialized Data

“Data as a Capability” Service Offering

Streamline the Sourcing of Specialized Data

We are your data provider for complex, “big data” analysis.

We help you find, acquire, and customize data delivery for your largest (and most complex) data projects.  Often, there’s not enough time or resources to conduct thorough market research to find and vet the data you need. You need a team that stays abreast of the latest changes, that understands the value of metadata, and that streamlines your data acquisition.

D.A.R. Partners is the Team to Help You:

  • Customize and tailor your data acquisition to meet your business goals
  • Access a global network of data providers who offer customized solutions
  • Gain access to metadata files that may bring a unique perspective to solve your challenges
  • Focus on data analysis vs. data acquisition by acquiring data that has access to multiple sources of data
  • Access our global Expert Network to help make sense of the data and how to maximize its value

Data Offerings
If you are seeking difficult to source data, contact us. We are constantly adding to our offerings.

Current capabilities include:

  • Global Corporate Entity Registrations for Public and Private Companies
  • Transactional-Level, Global Trade Information
  • Demographic and Psychographic Data
  • African Macroeconomic, Financial and Socio-Economic Data
  • Data of Daily Online Consumer “Click Stream” Behavior for Purchase Transactions
  • Global Financial Markets Data

Past Performance Success Story

“Repurposed Data Increases Revenue for Financial Firm”Situation:  A “Buy side” investment firm wanted to use certain websites’ click stream data to better understand corporate sales and project earnings of their portfolio holdings.

Solution:  D.A.R. Partners introduced a way to repurpose certain metadata, mainly used in advertising and marketing, that showed actual online activity vs. other trends analysis data traditionally used in financial markets.

Results:  The client found a significantly higher correlation between marketplace activities, earnings, and stock price movements that enabled the firm to better understand economic activity. Our client has been able to increase revenue by reducing portfolio risk and creating better investment opportunities.

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