Find Global Buyers for your Agricultural products, with just one search.

Analyze Global Trade from the region level down to the individual shipment—all in one, customizable workspace.

A Flexible, powerful Trade platform
Customized by your analysts

Now trade promotion teams have online access to advanced search capabilities.  Called Global Trade Analytics (GTA),  you can retrieve global data from multiple sources and find current buyers for what you sell.   Reduce your research time from weeks of sector research and attending trade shows down to a few clicks.  Have laser-like focus for the next trade show.

Conduct sector analysis using the largest collection of global trade data containing extensive customs data from foreign sources, multi-faceted corporate information and extensive specialty data relevant to the shipping industry.

Drill down on global queries to retrieve Bills of Lading, customs declarations or a corporate profile of buyers or sellers.  Import those results into reports as required.

Benefits of Global Trade Analytics (GTA)

Flexible, Easy-to-Use Interface reduces workflow

steps and improves collaboration in real time.

Easily customize your online workspace

to fit your needs with many visualization options and built-in analytics.  


Use advanced search capabilities and customizable filters

to discover insight important to you.

Create reports of your findings

in under five minutes and send them to his supervisor or share the output on the supervisor’s own dashboard in near real-time.

Ability to ingest other, 3rd party data

as well as internal information as the mission requires. 


Superb analytic capabilities to handle the largest data sets from almost any source.  

Data Governance.

Now your enterprise can centralize data but also allow for decentralized, yet controlled, access of data commensurate with an analyst’s profile.  

Increased Data Security.

Working from a single data repository, administration and manage access across the enterprise, at the data level, increasing data security and data management tasks.

Case Study: South Carolina Forestry Commission

How Global Trade Analytics improves Economic Development for the South Carolina Forestry Commission

The Need.  The South Carolina Forestry Commission (SCFC) need a more powerful platform to conduct detailed research to promote economic development for South Carolina and the Southeastern United States.

The Solution.  The SCFC uses the GTA to transform in-depth background research into actionable market research, outreach and marketing to generate leads which pinpoint actual, potential buyers for South Carolina’s exporters of wood products and services. 

The SCFC reviews key economic indicators such as imports and exports value, volumes, production, industry data and studies this data at the state, region and national levels. SCFC also runs statistical analysis of market share by product and monitors markets for price or volume changes to highlight new possible market opportunities.

The Result

The SCFC now has a more a direct path for exporters of wood and lumber products to find actual, current global buyers.  What used to take weeks of research, trade mission prep and coordination, active buyers can now be called up on demand and directly downloaded for use in other products.  

Market research time and costs are reduced because the GTA merges transactional customs declarations of importers (buyers) and buyers’ company info and contact information at the same time.  The GTA’s proprietary algorithms helps find hard-to-find buyers in countries where the names of buyers are not released.

Some of our Customers

Whatever your new market goal, our team works side-by-side with your team, finding the best way to access customers who need your services.

The GTA is provided to the U.S. Government and public sector entities by DAR Partners LLC, an authorized distributor of Descartes Systems (USA) LLC  products and services.  

Government buyers can order from FedLink Contract # 03310318DL19C0012.  

DAR Partners is a VA-Certified, Service Disabled, Veterans-Owned, Small Business (SDVOSB).


Company Information:
DAR Partners LLC
202 Church St. SE #308
Suite 202D
Leesburg, VA  20175

Phone: 1.703.214.5148



DUNS 078303923

For Product Information or Demonstration contact

Mary Jo Negron, Descartes Datamyne

Phone: 1.800.419.8495 x430416

Email: mnegron@descartes.com


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