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Global Equities Market Data

Corporate Actions, Dividends and Shares Outstanding

Worldwide Corporate Actions (WCA). Comprehensive information on all corporate actions events affecting global equities from over 150 exchanges worldwide, as well as, data for 29,000+ US Mutual Funds.
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DerivActions. Provides detailed Exchange Adjustment Notices information in a standardized, machine readable format with a link to the original Exchange Notice, where provided. Generates 2 feeds, triggered by corporate actions on the underlying security: 1) Corporate Action Alert Feed – List of all issuers with instruments linked to the affected underlying Security and 2) Derivative Series & Trading Lines – List of all the derivative instruments linked to impacted equity. These are directly linked to the Worldwide Corporate Actions (WCA) datafeed.
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UK Corporate Actions. Detailed information on the terms of an event, the settlement timetable relevant to it and information that is important to processing crucial investment decisions. Data sourced from all regulatory services that exist in the UK, from shareholder circulars to registrars and company secretaries. Additional information obtained from company legal advisors. We also provide access to critical information such as shareholder circulars and registrar contact information on any securities listed on the London Stock Exchange, Irish Stock Exchange and OFEX.
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North American Corporate Actions. The service covers:

  • Securities traded on the stock exchanges in the US and Canada
  • Securities traded on the OTC Markets Group’s three tiered marketplaces: – OTCQXTM, OTCQBTM and OTC PinkTM
  • Securities traded on the grey market
  • 29,000+ US Mutual Funds

In addition, you will get direct access to corporate actions data on the underlying securities for American Depository Receipts (ADRs) and foreign ordinaries traded on the North American market.
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Worldwide Dividend (WDI). Obtain up-to-date and detailed information on all new dividend announcements with updates made to existing records for global equities and 29,000+ US Mutual Funds.
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UK Dividends. Obtain up-to-date and detailed information on all new dividend announcements as well as updates made to existing records.

Data elements include:

  • Cash & stock dividends record, pay and ex dates
  • Dividend gross & net amounts
  • Certificates of dispatch and Crest credit dates
  • Stamp duty and commission percentages

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Woodseer – Dividends Forecasting Service. Estimate income and evaluate stocks and ETFs based on accurate two year forward dividend forecasts across 25k+ securities globally. Use the forward dividend prediction data feed to obtain up-to-date information on the dates and payments of thousands of securities across 1000+ indices / 100+ countries. Single stock and ETF dividend forecast data elements include:

  • Predicted ex, record and pay dates
  • Amount and currency
  • Dividend type / frequency

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Universal Depository Receipts (UDR) are sourced from the four main depository banks, stock exchanges and companies. With this datafeed, you can obtain comprehensive details on all American depository receipts (ADRs), global depository receipts (GDRs) and other depository receipts, convert depository receipts into ordinary shares and gain access to securities reference and corporate actions for both depository receipts and their underlying securities.
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Worldwide Fixed Income (WFI). Keep track of new bond issues or changes in Terms and Conditions for both corporate and government issuances. 
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Worldwide Shares Outstanding. Provides up-to-date figures from over 100 countries worldwide enabling companies to efficiently calculate figures to comply with exchange regulations or portfolio holding levels. Contains two data sets:

  • Official Shares Outstanding. Captures official figures from stock exchanges and company websites and provides updated figures as soon as they have been made available by the official source.
  • Daily-Adjusted Shares Outstanding. Adjustments range from daily to annually with corporate actions updated as they occur.
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Delivery:  API or Datafeed

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