Global Economic Indicator Service

Global Economic Indicator Service. Monitor the major economic events from 200 countries covering over 2000 recurring macro-economic indicators, such as the GDP data, unemployment releases and PMI numbers.  

Coverage includes more than 6.7 million trend series and around 300,000 forecast series, the databases comprise approximately 8.6-million-time series with decades of historical data.

  • Cloud-based service: Delivered via HTML/JavaScript application formats that can then be embedded onto your website using iFrames.
  • Alternatives methods: JSON feed for economic calendar are also available that can be integrated onto the company’s system
  • Live data:  updated 24/5, immediately after the data has been released
  • Historical data: includes feed of all previous economic indicators available
  • Currency:  Most of the data is monthly, supplemented by daily, quarterly, semi-annual and annual data, all starting from when they first became available.
  • Use of primary official sources: central banks, statistical offices, finance ministries, stock exchanges, industry associations, and other government and semi-government bodies.

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Delivery:  Online Analytics Platform, API or Datafeed

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