Near Real Time Corporate Events Feeds

 Forward-looking event data including earnings calendars, dividend dates, option expiration dates, splits, investor conferences and more. Covering more than 7,500 companies worldwide, we offer more than 40 corporate event types via a range of delivery options from machine-readable files to API solutions to streaming feeds. 

Our partner has a singular focus on capturing Corporate Events Data, allowing you to have near real-time data and events feeds.  Here are some situations where near-real time data matters:

  • Press release monitor for earnings and dividends, converts to machine-readable format and delivered in under 1 second. 
  • DateBreaks:  Alerts every 5 minutes on earning revisions date/times (prior-current) and its relation to upcoming option contract expiration. 
  • Investor Conferences:  Conference info segmented into ten subgroups and provides a two-fold level of detail:  Meeting location and exact venue as well as key information such as speaker, company, Job Title, time of presentation with URL Links for more info.

Delivery:  Online Analytics Platform, API or Datafeed

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