Open-Ended Investment Funds

U.S. Mutual Funds product offers the highest quality reference data, comprehensive corporate actions and dividends data plus a daily pricing feed for US Mutual funds.

Reference Data . Access dynamically updated, maintained and detailed information on over 28,000 Mutual Funds, 18,000 Unit Investment Trusts (UIT) and 130 + Interval Funds for the US. Reference data is used across the front, middle and back offices. Utilize our reference data to ensure straight through processing (STP), from front to back office, to drive settlement and reconciliation systems.

Fund Comparisons.  Compare funds with similar characteristics using our security level reference data and drill down using the CFI code to further focus your search to the funds you are interested in.

Corporate Actions. search and select corporate actions data including:

  • Issuer ID
  • US Local Code
  • ISIN
  • Issuer name
  • CFI code
  • Security ID
  • Event ID
  • FIGI Composite code
  • FIGI code
  • FIGI Exchange Ticker
  • FIGI Composite Exchange Ticker

       Pricing. Access to US Mutual Funds Net Asset Values (NAV) data as soon as it becomes available. Access closing pricing data gathered from the Nasdaq exchange for US Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trusts (UIT) and identify US funds through static data elements taken from the Security Reference File.

UK Unit Trust Data. Gain access to over 11,000 unit trusts and OEICs daily, and direct links with over 300 fund managers, you can be assured timely delivery of unit trust data.

Your unit trust data service will provide you with crucial dividend information on Unit Trust/OEICs such as:

  • Group 1 and Group 2 distributions
  • Equalization rates required for the calculation of dividend income

Furthermore, the unit trust data service includes:

  • Payment frequency details
  • Pay date, ex and record date
  • Unit type
  • Important tax treatment data

Delivery:  Datafeed and API

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