Selected Streaming Cyptocurrency Data

Real-time streaming cryptocurrency L1/L2 price data feed of the top cryptocurrency exchanges by $volume and OTC liquidity providers, offering access to streaming price feeds from these trading platforms in one feed.  APIs are accessible via a suite of WebSocket and REST APIs.

  • Stream real-time data into charts and back-fill time series history to build tick, minute or daily charts. 
  • Stream data to monitor/analyze all markets in real-time to identify trading opportunities 
  • Leverage historical database to back test trading strategies 
  • Power software solutions with all the data and news solutions supported  

Flexible Access Packages

Raw Price Data (via WebSocket API (Firehose) )

  • Streaming access to over 2,300 cryptocurrency markets from over 25 trading venues including level 1 and level 2 data to your server. With client examples in python, NodeJS, Javascript, Java and Golang you can be connected to our firehose in minutes cutting weeks or months off development. 
  • Other access is a Market State REST API to pull all cryptocurrency pairs supported in real-time at the current time in JSON or CSV format

Historical Database 

Allows you to pull time series history per market per exchange. Use to backfill charts in real-time or pull data to back test trading strategies. Our historical database is growing by over 1gb per day and includes the following features: 

  • Trade data starts January 2018 to date 
  • Minute bar data since inception on most pairs 
  • Daily bar data since coin inception

News Feed. A News API that pushes top stories as well as ticker tagged news stories as they are published. 

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