U.S. Location-based Income and Spending Data

Anonymized payroll and spending data linked to specific U.S. locations to show micro-level economic activity. The data provides anonymized, privacy-protected actual income, trends and insights to evaluate, validate and monitor business activity through various industry sectors and sub- sectors.   Location results to Census block or zip code granularity or aggregated to state and regional level.

  • Sources:  Actual data from real paystubs, Census data from 2010 and self-reported surveys that rely on employees to provide accurate information. 
  • Updates:  Weekly and Monthly
  • Breadth and Depth:  Income, industry, age, tenure, profession, title, location, and employee mobility. Down to Census Block level if required.
  • Data Quality:  Data is aggregated and anonymized.

Delivery:  Online Analytics Platform, API or Datafeed

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