Direct Comparison of U.S. Private and Public Companies (OCP)

Quantitative data on public and private U.S. companies, extracted and aligned from Form 5500 (ERISA) filings, which cover retirement and welfare benefit plans and can be leveraged as leading indicators of financial health.

Covers over 1 million U.S. companies, both public and private, that file Form 5500. This includes publicly available, point in time, clean harmonized data on all U.S. public companies that file.

Six years of point in time historical data has been mapped to Russell 3000 tickers and is available for testing.

  • Point in Time. The database is point in time and harmonized for companies filing under multiple EINs.
  • Reliable.  The data is extracted, ingested and parsed from DOL and IRS every month.
  • Normalized.  Algorithms are created to harmonize and normalize the data that is across multiple EINs, years, forms, and schedules for consistent insights.
  • Compliant.  The data does not contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is compliant to GDPR, and is not exclusively available to any buy side client. 

Delivery:  Online Analytics Platform, API or Datafeed

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