Source Specialized Data to
Make Better Decisions

Supporting Investment Research, Economists, Compliance, Sales and Marketing Teams

Gain the Edge to Win

We help you find specialized, alternative data sets to provide you that “edge.” We source, assess, and recommend emerging data products and services to match your requirements.

Know Your Customer

Our focus is to create “data as a capability,” providing you novel ways of using new information for actionable intelligence.  The result is consistently better decisions to win or avoid costly risks.

Do you have a data problem? One that is challenging and complex?

Find Customers

We can show you new and different ways to address your data problem.

D.A.R. Partners is the Team to Help You

  • Mitigate Your Risks.  Perform rigorous quality reviews.
  • Reduce Market Research Time.  Leverage our networks to scout out the right products and services
  • Accelerate Your Success.  Introduce only the products and services you need to meet your goals
  • Gain the Edge.  Source specialized, alternative data sets to help you make better decisions

Past Performance Success Story

“D.A.R. Partners Increases Website User Rates with Partner Capability”

Situation:  One of the largest media firms on Wall Street wanted to increase its website’s user rates by 7% by creating more content and increase the website’s “stickiness” by offering more capabilities for visitors and investors alike.

Solution:   D.A.R. Partners negotiated a multifaceted information provider agreement for its client. The agreement provided subscription services for an analytic and data platform integration across the media client’s Digital Network totaling almost 28,000,000 daily users. Leveraging our relationships, the media firm was able to expand and embed a simple application that allowed their subscribers to compare public company by their peer group or to over 40K companies.

Results:  The media client saved an estimated $250,000 in development and advertising costs while increasing website usage by 10% within the first 3 months of launch.

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