Solve Your Most Complex Problems

Financial Technology Service Offering

Solve Your Most Complex Problems

We help you find, acquire, and customize analytic software tools for your largest data projects. Often, there is not enough time or resources to conduct a thorough market research to find and vet the technology you need. You need someone who stays abreast of the latest changes, who understands the value of emerging technology trends, and who can streamline your acquisition of some of the best software available.

Benefits to You

  • Acquire software and technology to meet your business goals
  • Access a global network of analytic providers, willing to provide customized solutions
  • Gain access to best practices in other industries to bring a  unique perspective to solving your challenges
  • Acquire analytic tools AND acquire the data you need from one source with access to multiple sources of data that allows you to focus on data analysis vs. data acquisition
  • Access our global Expert Network to help you make sense of the data and how to maximize its value

FinTech Offerings
We are constantly adding to our analytic tools offerings. Our capabilities will amplify your ability to:

  • Extract, classify, and categorize both visual and text unstructured data, and automatically creates business and technical metadata
  • Create customized, Enterprise-level Data Visualization platforms

Past Performance Success Story

“D.A.R. Partners’ Acceleration FrameworkTM Helped a CEO Avoid a Potential $200,000 Mistake”

Situation: The CEO of an advanced search software company wanted to expand into a new market and believed that their product was a good fit for the financial market.

Solution: D.A.R. Partners recommended the CEO follow the initial steps of our Acceleration FrameworkTM. Using this roadmap, the CEO was able to compare market requirements against his company’s product. He was able to clearly articulate the level of effort required to close the gap between requirements and product capabilities.

Results: Working with D.A.R. Partners, this small software company saved an estimated $125,000 to $200,000 in business and product development costs as the Acceleration FrameworkTM revealed the costs to align their product to this market would exceed projected revenue. D.A.R. quickly provided alternative market segments that would have higher rates of success. Subsequently the CEO secured enterprise-level, six-figure deals in other markets.