Global Access + Global Network

Matching Our Global Capabilities to Your Needs


The Global Access Network

D.A.R. Partners has long standing relationships with corporate, non-profit, and government agencies around the world.


Our extensive network includes:

  1. Data aggregators and publishers
  2. Fortune 100 companies
  3. Global investment banks
  4. U.S. Federal Agencies
  5. Large system integrators
  6. Top-tier emerging firms focused on data-driven innovation
  7. Major players in private equity and venture capital

The Expert Network

We connect clients and partners with Subject Matter Experts in more than 15 fields.


These experts bring deep industry knowledge to your engagement on an as-needed basis.

You can…
• Obtain practical advice and coaching
• Develop individual and organizational skills and knowledge in a cost-effective way

Industries and Fields

Information Systems
•  Data Mining
•  Product Development
•  Information Management and Governance
•  Software Development and Publishing

•  Law Enforcement
•  Cybersecurity
•  Defense and Security

Professional Services
•  Strategic Marketing
•  Strategic Communications and Advocacy
•  Marketing Research and Polling
•  Management and Leadership Consulting

International Trade and Transportation
•  Air, Land, and Sea Transportation
•  International Trade Development
•  Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility

•  Commercial Real Estate
•  Financial Intelligence and Enforcement
•  Private Equity Funding
•  Investment Banking and Securities Trading