Grow Your Business in New Markets

for Partners and Vendors

A Product Rarely “Sells Itself”

That’s why we developed a repeatable and scalable Acceleration Framework™. It was developed for companies seeking to grow through B2B and/or B2G channels. It aligns corporate strategy, product strategy, and sales/business development with the needs of your target market.

Whatever your new market goal, our team works side-by-side with your team, from product development through marketing, to selling to post sale activities. You can outsource some … or … all to us.

The Acceleration Framework™ is flexible and customized to your goals. The framework includes a variety of tools and processes to reduce risk, validate market needs, forecast costs, align marketing, develop business, AND make adjustments in real-time.

To support your success, our Global Access Network enables you to access thought leaders and decision makers from corporate, non-profit, and government agencies around the world. With our Expert Network, you have access to a global network of experts on as-needed basis.


D.A.R. Partners is the Team to Help You

  • Reduce Costs.  Save 25% to 45% in new market entry costs
  • Gain Access to Customers.  Enter new markets with new or mature products and services
  • Gain Access to Decision Makers.  Present your company to (very) senior decision makers
  • Reduce Buying Cycles.  Reduce 20% to 50% the time for signing new clients
  • Minimize Risk.  Leverage a repeatable and scalable framework
  • Increase Revenue.  Experience on average, double digit annual revenue growth

Past Performance Success Story

“D.A.R.’s Data Partner Increased Annual Revenue by 18%”

Situation:  One of our partners, a data provider, wanted to expand business and increase revenue in both the Federal and financial markets. Its challenge — it did not have the experience or capabilities to efficiently access these markets.

Solution:   D.A.R. Partners created a sales and marketing campaign specifically aimed at market penetration then sales acceleration. Following our Acceleration FrameworkTM, key market segments were identified and sales were accelerated through our extensive Global Access Network.

Results:  Our partner was able to increase revenue by 18% in the past year. Its expanding customer base now includes customers in the U.S. federal government, commercial, and financial sectors.