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A key part of our business model is to work with some of the best government contractors, innovative companies and subject matter experts.

Our promise to you is that, regardless of roles on the team, we will do our part to deliver the best experience as a true partner. That requires honest and transparent working relationships to the greatest extent possible.

Teams We Partner With

Current GovCons

We look for companies that need help in program management, foundational data services (Data collection or sourcing, Master/reference data management, risk management/data security, data quality, integration) or industry expertise. As Prime or sub, we bring subject matter expertise, a large network of data-related capabilities and solid management fundamentals. We aren’t “looking for work,” we contribute unique capabilities.
Our Customers
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Innovative Partners (IP)

These are partners with no Federal/public sector experience. We can support you or operate as your channel partner. If you have a unique capability that could be useful to the federal government, please contact us. If we agree, then we will create a plan based on our IP Program which prepares your team to work as a subcontractor or supplier in the public sector.
How does the IP Program work?
  • Discuss and Define Goals. Together, we’ll discuss your company's current posture. We'll review your customers, your financial position and growth stage.
  • Validate Value Prop with Market. We’ll assess your company’s current capability for success the public sector. We’ll identify any gaps in capabilities and together we’ll decide how to proceed.
  • Build The Channel. We’ll work with you based on our mutual goals.
  • Expert Network of Subject Matter Expertise (SME)

    We like to work with individuals or small consultancies/professional services firms on short or long term projects. Work with us, let our customers benefit from your expertise. You focus on your part of the project. We’ll manage the rest.

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