Disciplined Processes

Make better decisions with our industry-specific data services

Dynamic Decision Design (D3 Framework)

To be effective, management and data science cannot operate in silos, but often do. D3 is our systematic approach to reduce the silos and merge data science expertise with extensive management to solve hard problems in the public sector.
Graphic displaying the cycle of continuously learning, planning, executing, and getting results. Then it begins again.Built for Constant Change

Partner/Supplier Readiness.

You want industry partners that understand the governmnet. We want partners that comply with regulations and bring meaningful capabilities to any project.

To help reduce the barrier to new capabilities, we vet all teammates or suppliers using our 95-point vetting process. As a result, you'll get a team which is fully capable and understands the service expectations of government.
Graphic of many candidates traveling through a door but only a few choosing to walk through as DAR partners.


Conducting technology pilots are often difficult because of poor management approaches. Pilots require simplicity to avoid scope creep. Simplicity concentrates focus and priorities.

A Simple Approach Creates Execution Results.

For a pilot, you prioritize those capabilities to the most important or needed functions. Few organizations have the time, money or risk tolerance to create a near production data product with every “bell and whistle” thrown into the pilot. Using a structured, simple approach, you will significantly reduce your risks and justify current or future expenditures because you have the results to prove (or disprove) the project.
Define Needed Capabilities
Validate with Pilot
Enter Full Development
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