Data Hygiene, Match
and Append Services

Sometimes you have your own database that needs to be updated and cleaned.  We conduct data cleansing services for a variety of data, such as updating mailing lists, verifying corporate data as well as appending data to customized data sets.  Our focus is on ensuring the highest quality as well as secure backup.

For larger projects involving your enterprise, we have developed a system that eliminates frequent updates of massive data sets by providing you with online access in a private secure cloud, that allow us to verify changes that you make in your database in near real time.

Joint Review

Collaborate and create a plan

Understand your:

  • objectives
  • data structure
  • schema
  • taxonomy

Recommend data improvements
Screen and Verify your data

Clean Your Data

Append missing data with our referential data sources

Standardize your data. We’ll make sure your data is in the right places using your plan

Normalize your data. We’ll fix things like various company names, misspelled data entries etc.

Eliminate duplications. There’s no need for 28 identical entries

Verify all corrections. We’ll create a change file, so you’ll see where your data improved

Deliver, Backup, & Online Access

Send back your data

If needed, we provide secure backup and online access to request changes to your data

We will verify the change and update your data automatically

DAR Partners helps extract value from your data and train your people to protect it

Product Development

Today, many companies are generating tons of their own data that may have value to other organizations.

Many companies see the data as a competitive edge, while others see this data as adding additional context for intelligence.  Often, the public sector gathers decades of data that needs to be made available to the general public, but don’t know where to start.

DAR Partners helps organizations devise a product strategy, then help implement that strategy to your goals.

We also help modify data or analytic products to meet the demands of different market customers.

Market and Customer Development

We help organizations develop customers in new areas.

We guide organizations through a methodical approach on developing customers first, then developing a solution that has very specific outcomes and a clear understanding of the resources required to achieve their intended objectives.

Our approach helps you understand the risks and rewards of entering a new market segment.  If our efforts suggest a good fit, we help increase revenue and hold down costs.  Sometimes, our approach suggest that your company is not in a good position right now.  We can help you avoid costs and use saved resources more effectively elsewhere to achieve other goals.

Let our experience be your guide

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