U.S Census Bureau

Detailed Data of U.S. Households for Survey support
“We need all current, anonymous, historical and metadata on every household address in America”
Client's Mission
Census Bureau’s work authorized by Title 13 of the United States Code, which includes planning and conducting future decennial censuses, current surveys such as the American Community Survey (ACS), other Census Bureau demographic and economic research and production work. These data are also used to support the reimbursable surveys the Census Bureau conducts for other federal agencies.
The Problem
Census wanted to improve the way it collected data by capitalizing on improved data technologies of Industry. They needed to use this data to improve their own data collections efforts. Census knew using more commercially acquired data would help optimize planning and future actions for Census 2020.
The DAR Solution
DAR partnered with several data providers to deliver to Census a highly accurate and rich database of 240 million records that were delivered every six months. Census used this data for testing and evaluation of their proposed processes and used demographic data to validate or improve processes well in advance of the 2020 Census survey cycle and ongoing efforts of ACS.
Saved Census 25% on previous contract costs with an increase in data depth and breadth because of working with a small, nimble team—lower costs, better data. Census noticed a 30% increase in data quality over previous incumbent data in accuracy, depth and breadth.
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