Management + Integrated Data = Better Decisions

Leading and Facilitating Data-Driven Teams to Improve Results

Creating Access to Innovative Partners.

Through longstanding relationships with some of the most important data aggregators and publishers in the world you can keep pace with the industry. You can also access our extended network to benefit from the expertise of these organizations:

Expert Support, Focused Research

Demographic Research and Survey Support.

Increase survey selection participation rates

•  Add granularity to desired research outcomes
•  Improve strategic outreach efforts with better contact information
•  Augment existing stakeholder information for targeted messaging

ESG/Climate Risk Assessment

•  Develop custom risk factors
•  Create alternative metrics to validate corporate disclosure
•  Develop knowledge graphs for multi-variable analysis
•  Improve Supply Chain Resiliency through scenario development

Global Trade & Economic Research Support

•  Gain additional visibility on global supply chains
•  Improve Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
•  Improve local economic development
•  Highlight Health disparities based on geo-economic relationships

Financial Market, Exchange and Corporate Data Provisioning

•  Use alternative data sources to improve market monitoring
•  Access to data on 170 Exchanges, 21 instrument types and almost 500,000 global bonds
•  Access to niche and global corporate data
•  Providing linked financial, business and environmental factors

Data Services for Better Decisions.

You can’t make good decisions with bad data. To improve decisions, our services include:

Collection and Analysis

Planning and Management

3rd Party, Commercial Data Provisioning

Data Mining, Cleansing, Entry, Processing and Verification

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