DAR Partners helps federal and state leaders make better decisions by complementing data and technology-intensive business intelligence projects with…

  • Access to integrated data sources
  • Data quality services
  • Advisory and Analysis
  • Subject matter experts
  • Project management


  • Data Services
  • Advisory
  • Research Support


Data collection, provisioning, management, media monitoring.


Strategic advisory for data-forward programs and data and analytic software firms new to the federal government.


Providing expertise for COTS data product modification with expertise in global trade, social & environmental research, survey support, data provisioning, and business intelligence.

The DAR Way

  • Reduce risks for government
  • Vetted access to innovation
  • Disciplined processes
  • Corporate culture of accountability

Reducing team and technology risks.

We use layers of accountability by vetting our partners and using proprietary quality control methods when introducing new partners or new technologies into the public sector.

Pragmatic Processes.

We use various problem-solving approaches to ensure the right solutions within your resources. We use what works within the constraints of the organization and be clear-eyed and prepared for the risks.

Corporate Culture of Accountability.

We work to be partners with our customers. We’re accountable to each other.

“Quality was exceptional. Best contracting experience ever.”

— CPARS Comments, PIl Testing Project