DAR’s guiding principles:

Our ethos is based on mutual trust and support. It is our beacon every day, no matter if we lead your team or be the team that supports you.

That’s our simple, direct philosophy. We succeed when the team succeeds. It sounds cliché, we know, but it is who we try to be every day—a trusted member of your team.

Remain positive.

Be a proactive, positive influence. Hope’s not a method, but it is a significant multiplier.

Be tactful and candid.

Be open with customers. They deserve the truth.

Never let perfect be the enemy of good.

A good solution executed now is better than a perfect solution never executed.

Be accountable.

Hold yourself accountable by setting clear standards and work towards them. Plans may change, but your accountability won’t.

Fix things now.

Fix small problems now to prevent bigger problems later.

No excuses.

If things ever go ‘sideways’ (and sometimes they will), we solve those problems together. Excuses are not the same as results.

Peter E. Curry

Managing Member, DAR Partners LLC

Information, strategy and decisions

Pete Curry founded DAR Partners in 2011. As a former military officer turned entrepreneur, Pete brings more than 35 years of experience leading small and large organizations with expertise in executive decision making, strategic planning and operations for information-focused, data intensive programs and change management.

Pete has an extensive experience collaborating and teaching executive level decision makers as well as engaging a broad network of leaders from small and large businesses, non-profit organizations and at all levels of the US Government that help solve and manage complex issues.

Pete also serves on the advisory board of a nonprofit called, “Angels of America’s Fallen.” ‘Angels’ helps children cope with the loss of their military or first responder parent who died serving our nation or our communities. Angels provides continuous, free access to wide variety of activities for children starting as young as age six through eighteen.


Developing Networks via partnerships and collaborations

Making Technology more accessible to everyone

Operational and Strategic Planning

Change Management

Problem Solver
Product and Customer Development

Published Author

Senior Trade Specialist, US Department of commerce

“Thanks, Peter. I echo (my colleague’s) comments. The customer support is top notch!”