Data services supporting focused research.

Demographic research and survey support.

  • Increase survey selection participation rates.
  • Add granularity to desired research outcomes.
  • Improve strategic outreach efforts with better contact information.
  • Augment existing stakeholder information for targeted messaging.
  • Develop custom risk factors.
  • Create alternative metrics to validate corporate disclosure.
  • Develop knowledge graphs for multi-variable analysis.
  • Improve Supply Chain resiliency through scenario development.

Environment, Social Governance (ESG), climate risk and supply chain resiliency.

Global trade and economic research support.

  • Gain additional visibility on global supply chains.
  • Improve Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
  • Improve local economic development.
  • Highlight Health disparities based on geo-economic relationships.
  • Use alternative data sources to improve market monitoring.
  • Access to data on 170 Exchanges, 21 Instrument types and almost 500,000 global bonds.
  • Access to niche and global corporate data.

Financial market, exchange and corporate data.