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The Vanguard #42

Bankers Are Hiring Cyber-Security Experts to Help Get Deals Done Executives and investors are hiring an unlikely crowd to help them do deals: computer geeks. Companies and investment funds are adding an extra layer of scrutiny to acquisitions by screening targets for...

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The Vanguard #41

The Girl Scouts are adding a cybersecurity badge Alongside cooking and camping, Girl Scouts will soon be able to earn a cybersecurity badge. The organization announced this week the first of 18 new badges debuting in the fall of 2018. The Girl Scouts, founded in 1912,...

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The Vanguard #40

What does Big Data really mean for the financial sector? Big data has been a buzzword on the lips of business managers and CIOs for at least the last two decades. Every industry, from financial to medical and even local authorities, appears to be investing in ways to...

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The Vanguard #39

In the cyber security age, has physical security become an after thought? With high-profile cyber attacks, government and corporate espionage, and the recent malware attack on 200 countries taking center stage in people’s collective subconscious over the past few...

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