Founder's Story

Better Decisions Require Better Data

Better Decisions Require Better Data

D.A.R. Partners helps you make better decisions with better data. With our networks of networks (Global Access Network and The Expert Network), we help our Partners/Vendors, Commercial Buyers, and Government Buyers solve some of their most complex problems through a re-thinking of how data is gathered, analyzed, and used to reduce risk, find opportunities, and make better decisions.

Rob & Pete’s Story

Rob Martinez and Pete Curry served together in the U.S. Army as experts in reconnaissance—usually as the small, independent vanguard tasked with a mission to supply information much larger organizations needed to be successful in combat.

Those missions taught them to quickly understand and adapt to a frequently changing operating environment. One learns to embrace ambiguity and to plan and execute under high levels of uncertainty.

A few years ago, while working together for another company, Pete and Rob began to recognize the pace of data proliferation and technology disruption were challenging an executive’s ability to understand, acquire, and optimize data and technology.

Most organizations simply did not have the time, resources, or expertise to scan the technology horizon and keep pace. They were missing opportunities. They were unable to acquire the right data and technology for their most complex problems and fell back on the same old, outdated and expensive legacy approaches. Research projects were operating in “fits and starts.” Many companies were also “leaving money on the table” as they failed to realize the value of their data to other organizations beyond their core customers.

This situation provided Pete and Rob an idea. They asked…What if we could focus full time on emerging data and technology changes and help companies create markets for their products? What if we could help other organizations find the technology they needed to grow? What if we could focus on building networks of technology companies, networks of partners needing those technologies, and networks of experts that could help both optimize their efforts?

D.A.R. (Data. Analytics. Research) Partners was born. Rob and Pete wanted a different kind of organization; a professional and responsive team—small and nimble, organized around a network of networks—ready to match network capabilities to your needs.

D.A.R. Partners is a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).


I’ve known Pete for more than 15 years.He is one of those rare people with the creativity to address complex issues while understanding solving problems requires focused execution. He is a team builder possessed with the innate ability to bring people together around a common goal while maintaining personal integrity, commitment and respect for all. People trust him. Highly recommend! John M. Custer

Major General (Ret), United States Army

The only way to get the right answer is to ask the right question. D.A.R. asks the right questions. Robert has brought high octane energy, focus and results to YourOldMoney, in addition to creating and continuing processes that document progress. And Robert brings authentic enthusiasm to getting things done, and that virtue can not be understated. Jim Copell

CEO, Trust & Fiduciary Management Services