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Global Private and Public Company Registrations. 

Access to corporate registrations from over 130 global jurisdictions and growing.  The database covers over 170 million public and private companies with a clear audit trail to the original source and linked to over 225 million company officers.


US Bankruptcy Data.  Case information for all companies that file bankruptcy in the 94 U.S. Bankruptcy Courts is updated daily, currently consisting of more than 500,000 bankrupt companies.  Every public company currently operating under Chapter 11 protection is tracked and news reported. Over 340 fields including: plans of reorganization and disclosure statements, debtor-in-possession financing information, professional retention data, 363 sales motions, key employee incentive plans, monthly operating reports, claim transfer activity, securities and security pricing data, committee information and many more.   

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Global Trade

Transactional-level Trade Data using the world’s largest searchable trade database, covering the global commerce of 230 markets across five continents.

Data Includes:  Bills of Lading-level of detail, worldwide customs declarations, global company names, trade flows, supply chains, cargo descriptions, HS and SIC codes, weights, cargo descriptions, pre-arrival data for specific shipments.

Commodity-Specific Research.  Custom-built trade platforms specific to your information and mission requirements.

Near Real-time, Trade Risk Data and Analysis.  Global company database covering 180m companies, 200 countries, 12,800 products & sectors linking HS codes to SIC.  Analysis includes real-time port, satellite & logistics data to identify a wide range of risks.

Database combines transactional-level trade flows + artificial intelligence and real time port, satellite & logistics data to identify risks.  Covers 180m global companies, goods from 200 countries and 12,800 products & sectors with HTS codes linked to SIC.


U.S. Location-based Income and Spending Data.  Anonymized payroll and spending data linked to specific U.S. locations to show micro-level economic activity. The data provides anonymized, privacy-protected actual income, trends and insights to evaluate, validate and monitor business activity through various industry sectors and sub-sectors.   Location results to Census block or zip code granularity or aggregated to state and regional level.


Global Economic Indicator Service.  Monitor the major economic events from 200 countries covering over 2000 recurring macro-economic indicators, such as the GDP data, unemployment releases and PMI numbers.  

Coverage includes more than 6.7 million trend series and around 300,000 forecast series, the databases comprise approximately 8.6-million-time series with decades of historical data.


African Financial and Economic Data.  Access +26.5 million data records for +50,000 economic and financial data indicators from 54 countries.  Data is collected from both local, regional and global resources, present and historical, all in one place.

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Market and Exchange Information

Cost-Effective, global reference datasets with ISO Certified data quality and delivery standards covering 170 Exchanges, 21 Instrument types and almost 500,000 global bonds. 


Data sets include:


Reference Data.  Data includes: Security Reference Data, Corporate Actions, Dividends, Dividends Forecasts, Shares Outstanding, Initial Public Offerings, Universal Depositary Receipts (UDR), US Bankruptcy Data

Fixed Income Data.  Data includes: Fixed Income Documenter, Derived Data (bondΣ), Evaluated Pricing, Message Parsing, Municipal Bond Pricing, Foreign Exchange Rates

Pricing Data. Data includes: End-of-Day Pricing, Adjustment Factors, Real Time FX Feed

Tax Data. Data includes: UK Tax, Cost Basis, 871(m) Compliance

Derivative Data & Short Interest Data. Data includes:  Reference Data, End-of-Day Pricing, Options Analytics, Futures Contract, Short Interest, Threshold Securities

OTC (Over the Counter) Data, Data includes:  Swap Curve, Credit Default Swaps, FX Option Volatility, Swaption Volatility

US Mutual Funds.  Data includes:  Reference Data, Financial Instrument Global Identifiers, Corporate Actions, Pricing Data


Independent Premium and elementized corporate and market news, delivered via data feeds or integrated into most commercial financial data aggregation platforms.

Premium intra-day global markets commentary and analysis on economic, bond, equity and FX markets, covering developed markets in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  Coverage includes: Equities, Commodities, Options, Economic events, Fixed Income, foreign exchanges, Industry Sectors, Asset Classes, Market Sessions, Global Market Summaries, Sector Summaries, Event News (Analyst Rating Changes, Economic Briefs and Earnings)


Near Real Time Corporate Events Feeds.  Broad areas of events include: Analyst/Investor Events, Calendar Events, Company Metrics, Corporate Governance, Dividend and Earnings, and Product events.  Other events include U.S. Government Events, Class Action Lawsuits, IPO’s and Secondary Offering and Earning Calendar.


Digital Asset Market information.  New sources of exchange information for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

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