For Data Buyers

Find, evaluate and acquire specialized data through our network of screened data providers,
all in one place.

Supporting Analytic Research

We provide flexible data sourcing to support advanced analytic development.  

You can modulate data acquisition to synchronize data requirements through the entire development process.

We help you obtain smaller, relevant datasets to support your evaluation, solution development and prototyping.

Once validated, we provide you full datasets for seamless integration for production.

To help provide you surge capability, we provide project-based and “reach-back” software development,  and data cleansing/hygiene for datasets.

Why DAR?

  • Focus on You.  Your objectives drive our recommendations
  • Peace of Mind.  Our data partners are screened in 110 areas
  • Data Quality.  All data meets highest quality standards with data provenance verified. 
  • Save valuable time.  Better data requires fewer data preparation tasks
  • Win more work. We support product prototyping for potential customers
  • More Options.  Choose from a large, growing data portfolio
  • Data Scouts. Use us to find, create and translate additional data sets.
  • Favorable pricing.  We can usually provide discounts for data.   

The Data Sourcing Process



You'll discuss your objectives, needs, requirements and data formats. We'll discuss options. If you want to see some data, we'll tap into our network.



We'll provide sample data sets or a focused demo for your to evaluate. We'll refine the samples if needed.



We'll use your preferred contract vehicle, follow your delivery schedules and routinely update the data if the contract calls for it.

Data Portfolio

We simplify your data acquisition. Getting the data you need, the way you want it.

Let our experience be your guide

Contact us with any questions or requests

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